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Audi In Car Entertainment

We delighted to offer you a range of Audi Approved products
to enhance the driving experience of your Audi.
These In-Car Entertaiment options, give you a choice of
what you want to listen to and how to make it possible.
From a replacement radio head unit
to the Dension Music Interface.

Other Items in Audi In Car Entertainment

  • Audi Auto Changer Lead
    £54.29 Audi Auto Changer Lead
    Cd Autochanger Lead 4B0051735B

  • Audi CD Changer Cable
    £54.29 Audi CD Changer Cable
    CD Autochanger Leads ApplicationFor Use With Vehicles A8 Week 04/2001- A6 Week 18/2001- A3 Week 27/2001- A2 Week 27/2001- TT Week 27/2001On Production   Also for use with Phat Noise System ...

  • Audi Glove Box CD Auto Changer cable
    £29.78 Choose Options Audi Glove Box CD Auto Changer cable
    Cd Auto Changer Cable For retro fitting cd multi-changer into glovebox of the following models A3 2003 onwards A4 2001 onwards TT 2007 onwards RS4 2006-2008 RS4 Cab 2007-2010   Please supply chassis number when...

  • Audi I-Pod Connection kit
    £105.38 Choose Options Audi I-Pod Connection kit
    iPod Adapter   •Can be Retro-fitted to vehicles with the following: •Gen ll, Gen ll+, RNS-D,RNS-E and BNS 5.0 •Can not be used in conjunction with an Auto Changer (or another External Device) iPod...

  • Audi iDapt charger
    £45.00 Audi iDapt charger
    IDAPT I4 is an innovative charging solution that can charge up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously and is compatible with over 4,500 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS...

  • Audi Lightning Adaptor AMI Lead For Apple Devices
    £40.00 Choose Options Audi Lightning Adaptor AMI Lead For Apple Devices
    Please supply your vehicles 17-digit chassis/VIN number and we will supply the correct Audi Music Interface lead to be compatible with your vehicle For compatibility please read Audi.de/mp3 Audi music interface Suitable...

  • Audi Music Interface Lead
    £36.00 Choose Options Audi Music Interface Lead
    Adapter lead for connecting a MP3 player, Mini USB Stick, Apple I-Pod, IPhone, Classic, Mini,Nano, Photo, Video 'NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LIGHTNING CONNECTOR DEVICES' MP3 Players with 3.5mm phono jack or micro USB port  ...

  • Audi Radio Removal Keys
    £5.40 Audi Radio Removal Keys

  • Audi RCA Cinch connector for AMI MMI 3G+ and RMC
    £34.00 Audi RCA Cinch connector for AMI MMI 3G+ and RMC
    AMI cable adapter for connecting devices with cinch connectors. For playback of analogue audio and video media. Red connector = right NF line White connector = left NF line Yellow connector =composite video signal Remarks:...